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Thank you, I love my new time piece.
Shipping was a non-issue to the United States. Customer service experience was 100 percent. A+


Thank you, I love my new time piece.
Shipping was a non-issue to the United States.

Real deal

I ordered 2 watches and am very impressed. Just received them today and initial quality is very impressive. I hope long term is as well. If you are on the fence about buying from CC, don’t be. You will only be missing out.

Chrono Canada
Bill Jackson
Best kept secrets in the world of watches!

I just received my Seiko Speedmaster. Wow! Nice piece. I own the real thing (a 38 mm Speedy) and this is great. My only wish is that it arrived quicker. Otherwise, a GREAT experience. I’m going online now and buying another watch to add to my collection.

Chrono Canada
Ray Willis
Quality Is Top Tier

I wear mine daily, it looks fantastic and keeps time extremely well!

Chrono Canada
Steve Puchalski

Ordered 2 watches, both are beautiful! Thank you so much for the amazing work!

Super Satisfied!

I am in love with the watch that was built for me. Will absolutely be ordering more in the near future.

So far so perfect

This watch is a perfect combination of the look and feel of the submariner without the Rolex logo.

Seiko Is a much cooler brand anyway.

Chrono Canada
Olivier Ménard
So far so f…ing perfect.

Perfect work!

Chrono Canada
Corey G
Ice blue Daytona

The watch is beautiful! Very happy with the final product and will gladly be ordering more! Adjusted the color of the bezel for me and it came out exactly how I wanted with the jubilee band. 10/10

Chrono Canada
Nicolas Yorks
Best Watch’s For Any Budget

I’ve gotten a few so far and the owner Johnathen has been such a huge help in picking what’s best for me and showing me all the options! Love mine and highly recommend getting one!

Chrono Canada
Wallace C.
Goes the extra mile

Jonathan is a super guy who spent days with me figuring out not only the parts that were needed but helping me refine the ideas in my head. His customer service after was just as friendly and quick as before we had it nailed down. Oh, and the watch is great too. I love wearing it.